Get to know Enotel Hotels & Resorts sustainability actions

About EnoGreen 

At Enotel Hotels and Resorts, we believe that the environment is our most precious asset. For this, we always seek to ensure the satisfaction of customers, employees and partners through the conservation of the environment and the socio-cultural and economic development of the region. With EnoGreen project, created in 2016, become aware people to avoid wasting of natural resources, evolving toward a more integrated world, socially and culturally in favour of the care of nature. 

Thinking about the healthy integration of the environment, Enotel develops actions within its own spaces and also participates in projects involving society. 


Ecological Coatings 

The furniture of the Enotel Hotels & Resorts Group is coated with ecological material developed by Lamiecco, a company that removes more than 8 million plastic bottles from the environment to transform them into high quality products. Lamiecco offers a range of sustainable solutions, such as walls and partitions, door and door frames, furniture and lenses, as well as many others, always with technical quality and style to meet the demands of different segments. 


Reuse and Economy 

We always seek to make our guests aware of the reuse of the outfit, an action that helps to avoid wasting water and enables us to support actions of Ecoassociados in favor of the environment. 

Another action that helps us to reduce waste is the use of LED lamps, presence sensors and energy saving in rooms and social areas. 


Other EnoGreen actions 

Eco-friendly Amenities and Eco Dispensers: Our amenities are eco-friendly and together with our eco-friendly dispensers, they help reduce the generation of waste, both in the internal and external areas of our hotels and resorts. 

Selective Collection: With the help of a specialized company, solid waste management is carried out, as well as its separation and destination to appropriate places. 

Conscientization of employees: We regularly carry out campaigns to raise awareness among our team, from simple practices such as the adoption of the own glass / bottle for water, to actions of management of impressions and conscious use of paper in the company. 

Valuing the local culture: We encourage local tourism, publicizing the events that happen in the region to our guests, and always invest in the local community through the hiring of employees from the region.