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Outdoor pool area of Enotel Lido
Enotel's Group History
Tradition and Quality Walking Hand in Hand
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Enotel's Group History
Tradition and Quality Walking Hand in Hand
Free Cancellation

About us

Lady walking through an indoor forest, Enotel Hotels & Resorts

Know more about Enotel Hotels & Resorts

Who we are?

Have you ever imagined a group of hotels that symbolize everything you are looking for on your holidays? Enotel Hotels & Resorts presents a group of hotels, where their personality refers to a world of experiences and their greatest commitment is to immortalize moments.

Over the years, based on sustained growth and a scale of values dedicated to providing memorable moments to its customers, the Enotel group has been repositioning its brand. Today, our communication model is a closer one and therefore more and more emotional, which has never been more essential for us.

Let's not tell them about paradise, let's make them imagine it!

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The Estêvão Neves Group was founded in 1982 and expanded in 1988.


In 1996, it entered into a partnership with the Sonae Group, the largest business group in Portugal.


n 1998, the Enotel brand was launched, exclusively for hotels, with the acquisition of Enotel Magnólia, a four-star hotel located in a privileged area of Funchal, on Madeira Island.


In 2000, the Estêvão Neves Group built and inaugurated the Enotel Golf Santo da Serra, in Santo da Serra.


The Enotel Sunset Bay hotel was built and opened in 2001, in the sunny village of Ponta do Sol, by the sea.


In 2006, the Estêvão Neves Group began international investments, with the opening of the first Enotel property in Brazil, the Enotel Convention & Spa Porto de Galinhas.


In 2008, in partnership with RCI, the Enotel Club was created in Brazil, offering customers a loyalty program with an All Inclusive system.


The group acquired Enotel Lido in 2010, its first five star establishment in Madeira and the first All Inclusive hotel in the region.


The Enotel Club program was launched for hotels located on Madeira Island in 2012.


In 2014, the Estêvão Neves Group inaugurated the Enotel Acqua Club Porto de Galinhas, the only resort with an Aquatic Park and All Inclusive system in that region.


Madeira hotels undergo a renovation process, with a focus on innovation. The Enotel Porto de Galinhas brand is born, with the merger of the projects in Brazil.

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Lady lounging in the infinity pool at Enotel Hotels & Resorts

Our Values

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At Enotel we are a big family. The Enotel Group has a family management, an aspect that enhances the appreciation of the family and its traditional values. We understand that FAMILY is the most significant aspect of life and what gives us emotional, psychic and affective support. It is this connection that makes us human! It is at work where we spend most of our day, which is why the affective bond between colleagues is inevitable, which drives the will to overcome difficulties and celebrate successes.

Couple enjoying Teppanyaki grill at Enotel Hotels & Resorts


At Enotel, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political choices are faced with the ease that these issues require. We are a company where RESPECT for differences is a fundamental principle! We are all equal and, above all, PROFESSIONALS. This same position is naturally considered when talking about our Guests.

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It is a competency of those who have good emotional balance and know how to use common sense. This is one of the Enotel Group professional commitments! Being able to put yourself in the other's shoes is important for those who work with the client but, above all, for those who seek to fulfil the purpose of making them happy. This ability to understand the other is the key to good interpersonal relationships. There is no kindness without EMPATHY!

Lady standing by the infinity pool at Enotel Hotels & Resorts


Collaborators committed to the company's objectives and goals; verify that AUTONOMY is part of their day-to-day and that it leads them to a positive spiral of success. TRUST is a watchword at Enotel, earned through the merit of each individual!

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At Enotel, there is constant stimulation for perceptive thinking, ingenuity and creative capacity. RESOLVING difficulties, dealing with the unforeseen, finding SOLUTIONS and suggesting useful CHANGES, so that tasks are carried out in a simple and effective way, these are the challenges we set before our professionals.

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We live today in an accelerated reality. The world evolves and we accompany it with interest, lightness, joviality and persistence. We cannot, nor do we want to be left behind! Today's motto, which represents the concept of evolution well, is “LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN”. Our knowledge is permanently under construction and reconstruction, which is why we are strongly committed to constant updates, investing in improving the structure and conditions for our guests. We also invest in the qualification of our employees, so that they are able to deal with the future.

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We value the SIMPLICITY and naturalness of things and people. At Enotel, expressing feelings, ideas and wishes at any hierarchical level is possible and accepted with peace of mind. There are no locked doors for anyone who wants to be heard and needs a comforting word. This human condition value makes situations simple, allows an authentic understanding of the circumstances and their intentions, always with the aim of reaching the best decisions for the company and its professionals, fulfilling our purpose of making people happy.

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Hotels Management

The Estêvão Neves Group created Enotel Hotels Management S.A. in order to expand its management to outsourced developments. This management is focused on the quality of services provided, customer satisfaction, return on investment by stakeholders, innovation and company improvement.

The group has expertise in hotel management with the All Inclusive system and revenue and profitability models, our stakeholders are equipped with up-to-date information through operational reports and management methodologies based on indicators.